I’m running a half marathon

Earlier this year I suffered a sprained ankle as a result of my own stupidity (read: drinking in high heels). cankle

I am happy to report that I made a full recovery. But the bad news is that I’m also delightfully overweight and slowing turning into an alcoholic couch potato.

I used to be a pretty good runner. I have done four half-marathons in the last couple of years with a PR of about 2:24.

I recently ran a 5k fun run with some friends, and didn’t do too shabby. I finished in about 32 minutes.

Last night, I watched the Spirit of the Marathon and it was awesome!

I decided I’m going to get my fat ass back into shape and start running again. My goal is to finish in 2 hours, 15 minutes, and to lose somewhere between 10 and 20 pounds in the meantime.

Today, I signed up for the Monumental Half Marathon. It’s November 7, 2009, here in Indianapolis. I have exactly 10 weeks to train for this race.

After that, we’ll see about training for a full marathon. (yikes!)

Here’s to my big comeback. It’s cheaper than therapy. :-p


2 thoughts on “I’m running a half marathon

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