shirking my blogging responsibilities…

Oh my. I’m such a disappointment to the blogging community. I’ve been keeping with my training schedule. I actually did about 4-1/2 miles yesterday, and an easy three in a nice, misty chill this morning.

Anyhoo, here’s a few of the reasons why I haven’t blogged at all lately –

The Moody Blues on the lawn at White River in Indy…

Widespread Panic & the Allman Bros. Band at Chicago’s Northerly Island…


I love this awesome pic of the Chicago skyline at sunset:

BUT I have been drinking some fantastic beer…

…and we picked up some yummy goodies today at Beasley Farm. Homemade jalapeno Cheese bread, gooseberry jam, honey, habanero sauce, and two kinds of granola for when I get back on my diet next week.

Now we’re off to the Rathskeller for more eating and drinking. Good thing I’m running or I’d be even fatter! šŸ˜›

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