My shin is all jacked up

Went out for an easy three-miler yesterday that turned out to be all sorts of hell. Right after the first mile, which is usually when I start to get into my groove, my shin started hurting and feeling all weird-like. I swear it felt like something was MOVING in there.

Naturally I kept running to see if it would pop or go away or spontaneously combust or whatever. It kinda stopped feeling weird, but it didn’t really stop hurting.

I am now browsing the webz in order to properly misdiagnose myself.

I’m guessing that I probably kicked up my training too quickly without enough strength-building. I could probably also use a new pair of shoes.

This article says shin splints may be caused by decreased flexibility at the ankle joint, which makes perfect sense, because this is the ankle I sprained back in February.


Also, my butt cheek on the same side is a little tender too.

Anyhoo, today was my x-train day anyway, so I lifted and then biked about 5 miles. Then I spent a loooong time in a warm bath reading a book.

We’ll see what shakes loose tomorrow.

Night –


2 thoughts on “My shin is all jacked up

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