New shoes, humbling moment #367 and a Dreadnaught

I got some new shoes today! Nice expert lady at the Athlete’s Foot in Avon helped me find some Pearl Izumi’s which, I’ve never even heard of, but they are music to my feet, if such a thing exists.


I should disclaim that I have no stake in Izumi whatsoever – but these shoes are awwwesome! My shin didn’t hurt, my ankles and knees didn’t hurt, and my three mile run was breezy as a MFer.

Maybe I just needed new shoes THAT bad. Who knows.

Also, this little punk kid on a bike asked me, “why are you running like that?”

Yeah, I run like a girl. I’m pidgeon-toed, I have bunions, short legs, fat thighs, you name it. Jeebus.

I’m running a 10k Saturday, and looking forward to breaking in my new kicks. Wish me luck.

Last but certainly not least, I’m drinking a Dreadnaught that I forgot I had in the bottom of the fridge. It is music to my mouth.



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