I only run to support my eating habit

I went out with a friend last night and ended up sleeping in until 11, which made for an interesting 6 miler. I dropped my car off at the shop for an alignment and then ran home by a route I mapped yesterday. It was exactly 6.2 miles. It was tough. I didn’t take any water/gels with me and it was pretty hot out by the time I got going – not smart!

But I made it in just over an hour and then rewarded myself with an epic pesto & tomato omelette – compliments of my garden – and a big iced coffee.


I only have to do four miles tomorrow. I told myself I’d get up early this time and not get caught in the heat of the day, but since I’m still up watching the Texas Tech/Texas game, I’m not sure what time that’s actually gonna be…

Last night, I made some freaking awesome spicy garlic shrimp with egg noodles. I found the recipe at EatLiveRun.com.

I put in waaaay too much shrimp so it was pretty decadent, but good. I also added some grilled jalapenos and red peppers.


And, like I said, I’m watching the Tech/Texas game and hoping Tech can pull off another miracle and not botch it in the 4th – later!

UPDATE: they botched it in the 4th. bummer.


2 thoughts on “I only run to support my eating habit

  1. Yum! I’m going to search out that recipe for spicy garlic shrimp to reward myself after a run! Glad I stumbled across your blog. Good luck in your training program. I’m training for a half thru TnT — found much I could relate to in your blog. Good luck!

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