Top 10 reasons why treadmills WIN

Yesterday, it was raining (woohoo!), so I got to do my four miles on the treadmill at the gym. I would loooove a treadmill of my own some day, but there’s a long list of other things I would love more (new carpet, GPS, new ipod, backup hard drive). Also, we really don’t have a good place to put it. We have a 3rd bedroom, but its carpeted and kind of small, and I really don’t want it to turn into the Smelly Room. (Note to self: next house, get a basement.)

Anywishmoneygrewontrees, the weather has been gorgeousness and gorgeousity all summer so I’ve been running outdoors, and I forgot how ubercool the treadmill is. I started out slow (about 11:30 pace and worked up to about an 8:30 pace the last mile or so and finished in about 43 minutes. Not great, but it was supposed to be a nice easy run so I didn’t try to do anything crazy. I’m really not working on speed yet anyway – just endurance.

I thought it would be fun (for me, not you) if I ran down a Top Tenner of reasons why treadmills kick ass.

10. Great for working on your form and stride.
9. Soft conveyor is easy on the feets.
8. Two words: cup holder.
7. Handle bars in case you trip (which I do, frequently.)
6. Idiot-proof tracking of distance, pace, mileage, calories and heart rate.
5. Forward momentum does most of the work for you (okay, in training this can be a bad thing, but who cares? It’s raining!)
4. You can do hills in regions where there are no hills (can anyone say “Indiana?”)
3. TV
2. The perfect climate, no matter what the weather is like outside.
1. Did I mention it’s easier?

Okay, the last one was kind of a copout but it’s true.

Today’s my day off. “Day off” in psycho speak usually means cross-training, but Mondays are one of the few days I get to kick it with my husband, and I’m just not willing to work out 7 days a week. So I really do no exercise whatsoever on Monday. Life is great.

Lately I’ve been wanting to hit the high school track and do some bleacher runs and quarter milers. Maybe tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

Bye now –


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