gel hell

Big week: 8 miles yesterday, 5 miles today.

I picked up some energy shots for my long run yesterday, and against my better judgment I didn’t hydrate through my run like I should have. A gel may be a good boost, but it doesn’t compare to a few sips of ice cold water. And, as I was warned, you need to do those things with a glass of water, which I didn’t.



I finished my 8 miles but at about 6.5-7, I really hit the wall and it was all I could do just to finish. It was rather discouraging since my legs and feet felt just fine, but I was dehydrated and a little nauseous. And – this is kinda gross – but I started burping at mile 7 and had to walk for a about a minute. I brought it home though, running down the last street to my house.

I will never make that mistake again!

Next time, I’ll hide a bottle of water in a bush around the halfway point so I don’t die. I was just lazy and didn’t wanna drive out there.

Today, however, was awesome! Nice overcast morning in the mid-60s. I did an easy 5 miles at about an 11-minute pace. I am still pretty slow but the runs are getting a lot easier. Also, I’m finally starting to see a difference in my appearance. After five weeks of consistent running and condition, finally my legs don’t look so carroty any more.


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