a blustery day…

Today felt like fall, which in Indy means gray and windy; all around ick.nast. I was dreading my Tuesday 3 mile run but it actually was pretty great. After that 8 mile catastrophe Saturday, three miles was a breeze. I felt strong, like I could have kept going.

My ankle hurt for the first half mile or so – but I kept going and it kinda worked itself out. I got home and (after a hot bath and a beer,) gave it the attention it deserved with some ice and elevation.


Don’t you love my giant bunion and my hairy toes? HOTT.

Dinner was the aforementioned Bell’s Two Hearted. Then, I decided to go ahead and make an omelette with stuff from the garden. I had a green pepper and a jalapeno that both turned red because I waited so long to pick them; some chopped basil, and then I threw in some turkey and a fantastic shallot/onion/garlic mixture from Trader Joe’s. It was unspeakably awesome.




Doesn’t that omelette look huge? It was only two eggs, I swear to god…

My ankle still feels a little stiff, so it’s good tomorrow is my lift-and-bike day.



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