I am the pancake warrior…

I ran 10 miles this morning! I am awesome.

This time I was SMART and hid some water at the halfway point, where there happened to be a corn field.

Okay, there didn’t HAPPEN to be one, since there’s a corn field like, every 5 feet in Indiana. But it was convenient just the same. I ate my gel junk and chugged half a bottle of water and I was on my way. I felt like She-ra!

Seriously, miles one and six were my best. That stuff saaaved me. I will swear by it from here on out. I actually had to restrain myself from running faster!

But…when I hit mile 7 or so, I was thankful for that restraint. Mileage was starting to take its toll. I was breathing just fine and felt strong, but my feet were achy and I was getting a little stiff. Then the song Feeling Good by Nina Simone came on my ipod, and it actually did make me feel good – for exactly 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I was running pretty slow the last mile or so, but I ran the whole way, and that’s why I am proud of myself…

After running, I came home, took a nice hot bath and then splurged and made some ridicu-awesome pumpkin pancakes from Trader Joes:


Hell, I deserve it. And hubby sure wasn’t complaining.

And, since I took pictures, I must also mention that I made my famous enchiladas last night (which I also swear by):


Sigh, life is good.


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