I’m a rainy day woman

Bleh! Rain. Such is autumn in Indiana.

I was supposed to run three miles today but I’m thinking I’ll hit the gym today and do my run tomorrow…even thought I’m feeling lazy and don’t really want to do squat.

Stupid phone woke me up this morning so I got up and went into work about an hour early.


I got some things done but it wasn’t even worth missing that last, crucial hour of sleepy time.

I was famished when I got home from work so I made a quick-n-dirty turkey, bacon and swiss sandwich and a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea with soy milk. Our friends from across the pond would probably tell you that tea with soy milk is rubbish, but I think it’s really flavorful and sweet, almost like hot cocoa. Although sometimes I do like to have it with just a bit of lemon. So sod off, will ya? 😉


I really don’t have anything interesting to say right now. Guess I just have a case of the BLEHS. I’m hoping a good hard workout will be just what I need.

Later –


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