headed to bed

Well, all that trash talking finally caught up with me. Just yesterday I was mocking people who get flu shots. I actually said, “flu shots are for wussies. Bring it on.”

And now I’m sick.

I woke up with a sore throat that progressed throughout the day to a headache, chills, aches, fever. It’s below 100° right now, so I’m assuming its not pigflu, but I talked trash about THAT too, so I wouldn’t be surprised…

I went to the gym last night and TOUCHED a lot of stuff, so I’m suspicious that I picked up something there, but I also work in a nastay office, which we all know is filthier than your average toilet seat.

I am uber bummed because I have been doing so well with my running lately, and I’m just hoping this setback doesn’t keep me from doing my 11 miles this weekend. I would much rather miss work than miss a workOUT. So I am pumpin the OJ, the Sprite, the Tylenol, and later I’ll be rocking a double dose of NyQuil.

I’m really trying to stay on task with this whole blogging thing so that I may someday achieve the fame and fortune I so rightly deserve, which is the only reason I’m not horizontal right now. So thanks, all you 4 readers, for sticking with me. I love you.

Peace, jerks! G’night.

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