where the hell is the Sun King Brewery???

I forgot to mention this, but when my buddy Kim was in town this past weekend, we tried to visit the Sun King Brewery in downtown Indy and we COULDN’T FIND IT.

According to Google maps, it is supposed to be on College Ave. between Washington and Market Street, but when we turned onto College, there was nothing but a florist and a parking lot!

We must have driven around the block at least half a dozen times, which was a total pain in the butt, because of all the one-way streets and dead ends downtown. We tried to call but just got voicemail.

Another friend told me the same thing happened to him. What is the deal with this place? Do they WANT people to go there?

So, if anyone knows where the hell this place is, please tell me. It just opened up and I’m dying to go there.

Okay, rant finished.

UPDATE: Sun King has posted much better directions on their website along with a photo of the building. The Google directions were pretty off – it’s actually on the right side of College Ave. between Market St. & Ohio St.


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