I am a hypocrite with a major snot problem

My regularly scheduled autumn sinus headaches have started in full force and I’m at my wits end.

Since I don’t like doctors or medicine, this has become something of a problem for me. (Yes, yes, I’m a total hypocrite: I don’t mind slugging back a gallon of coffee or red wine but I will not take OTC medications to save my life.) And I especially don’t like sinus medicines because they make me all parched and thirsty.

I was griping about this problem to my friend Kim the other day and she mentioned… da da dum… the Neti pot.


I didn’t even know what that was! (Don’t laugh – I grew up in the southwest, where sinuses do not exist.)

If you too had the privilege of being raised in a dry climate and don’t know about the ickiness of the neti pot, basically you snort warm salt water through your nose and blow it out until your sinuses are clear.

Like my friend said, “never let anyone see you do this.”

But this pain is killing me, so I’ll probably give it a try tonight and let you know in the morning how it worked.

Lucky you!


One thought on “I am a hypocrite with a major snot problem

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