fingernail sensitivity of the day

I had a fantastic run last night! It was sooooo easy. I ran 5 miles and I felt like I could have kept going!

I know, I know – I just talked about not bragging, but after that humiliating and utterly discouraging 12 mile run last week, I really needed this!

One thing – my second toe on my right foot hurts. Like, the toenail. Don’t know what all that’s about. It reminds me of that part from What About Bob when he describes one of his symptoms as “fingernail sensitivity.”

I don’t think its about to fall off or anything, but I’m all little concerned. Any guidance? I am fairly certain my shoes are the right size…

Anyhoo, a couple of friends and I signed up for that Run Like Hell race Friday night, Oct. 30. It’s gonna be a blast. I can’t wait to do a nice casual run and not worry about timing or pace or distance or anything. Plus, I have some knee high skull socks I have been dying to wear.



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