I am current kicking back in my bathrobe and sipping on a FANTASTIC glass of Carménère from Chile. Life is great!


I had an eeeexcellent run today in Eagle Creek Park. The weather was perfect and the forest is beautiful right now. I was literally running with this huge shit-eating grin on my face until I realized I’d been running downhill for about 20 minutes…hehe.




But seriously, this park is great. There’s a 5K, 7K and 10K loop on the main roads, and also tons of off-road courses for trail-runners. (I am still hesitant to do any trail running because of the ankle.)

I did the 7k loop and had a great run until the end when this wheezy old man passed me like it was nothin’ and I had to haul ass just to keep up with him. I swear, I’m even competitive when someone passes me in the grocery store.

Anyhoo, I’m reading Pillars of the Earth right now – even though I vowed never again to read anything from Oprah’s Book Club – and I can’t put it down.

G’Nite Folks.


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