Fueling up

Good morning! Although it’s almost noon….I heard the mailman outside this morning and wondered why he was so early – then I saw the time.

I stayed up late last night reading in bed and drinking the rest of that Carmenere I can’t get enough of. I have a vacuum wine saver that I just love. It pumps out the air and locks tight – I can usually keep a bottle of wine for a day or two and it still tastes great.

Anyway, it is the Panilonco’s fault that it’s already 11 a.m. and I haven’t done jack today except make breakfast!

I love having hot oatmeal when it’s cold outside and its also a great way to fuel up before a long run. On my weekly Trader Joes run this week I bought some steel cut oats – never had ’em before but I’ve heard good things.

It was really easy to prepare using the directions on the back of the canister –


I stirred in some soy milk, almond butter and a sliced banana just to make it extra decadent. I’m also enjoying some of the Nicaraguan Maragogype coffee from TJs. This nice guy working there even taught me how to pronounce it – ha!



Anyway, as soon as I’m sufficiently digested I’m off on an ambitious 9 mile run. Its in the low 40s and overcast today so I’ve broken out my fall/winter running gear: insulated running pants, underarmor long sleeve micro shirt and and a fleece headband to cover my ears.

I would like to get a headband that’s not made of fleece though; after 5 or 6 miles the fleece just gets saturated with sweat (gross!) and defeats the purpose of warming my ears. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Wish me luck – later!


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