The OCD in me…and lessons learned

When I started training for this half marathon eight weeks ago, I created a spreadsheet for my runs and added a column for total weekly mileage vs. the ACTUAL total. I envisioned these nice tidy rows of numbers as I completed the intended mileage each week. Then I got sick and it all went to crap.


You can see where it fell off – the week of Oct. 5 I only ran three miles – that was the week I got sick (after running 21 miles the previous week), and the next week I spent recovering. I’ve started to pick back up, but I feel like I missed the most important week – the 12 mile run. I still did it, but I wasn’t fully recovered yet and that run was TOUGH.

I can see now that one of the mistakes I made was scheduling another run immediately following the long run. I should have rested or cross-trained Sunday, and then run again on Monday. But I was determined not to do anything Mondays because my husband is home and we like to hang out and be lazy together. But taking a day off in between runs may have prevented me from overdoing it and getting sick. Or, it may not have mattered either way.

I’m still pretty optimistic about the half marathon. I’m all better now (cut to Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “I’m not dead yet!”) but it just ANNOYS me that I didn’t train exactly the way I set out to. Is it because I feel like I failed at training? OR just because the OCD in me wanted to have a perfect spreadsheet? Maybe a little of both.

So for next time I’ll still be doing the long run on Saturdays, but I’ll hold off on the next run until Monday nights and if it means I have to forgo an hour of couch time with the hubby, well, at least I won’t be dead.

And now I have to hurry up and work out and hit the grocery store before this afternoon – our Sunday afternoon mischief may or may not involve a Chicago style hot dog and possibly some zombies.



2 thoughts on “The OCD in me…and lessons learned

  1. All of our schedules are different, but I schedule the long runs for Sunday. That gives me Mondays “off.” For me that means coaching soccer…so it really isn’t off, but it is a nice way to loosen up the day after.

    I had an injury/sickness (it would be TMI to accurately describe the events) that caused me not to be able to run for the two weeks before my Marathon in March. i knew it would impact my time…and it did. If it happens to ma again, I vow not too pay too much attention to my time and do more enjoying of the day.

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