As a writer, I’m always tearing words apart. I like to figure out the meaning of words by dissecting them and analyzing each part. For some reason I’m especially fascinated by cognates – words that are descended from the same language. I was thinking about the word rejuvenate and how “juven” sounds a little like joven which is the Spanish word for young. Would that be a cognate or am I overanalyzing? At any rate, after my easy breezy three mile run today, I feel rejovenated.

The edamame and lentil salad was awesome – with all those great ingredients, it could have very easily become a lettuce wrap – but I just used some red oak and romaine lettuce and then threw all the other stuff on top:


I started out with a recipe I found at Then I added the roasted red peppers, mushrooms, lentils and substituted mixed heirloom tomatoes for the one chopped tomato. It turned out great! My husband also topped it off with some balsamic vinaigrette but it would be good either way.

And here’s some pics from yesterday – we carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds – my favorite Halloween tradition 🙂



Now its off to the couch for a horror movie marathon – night!

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