or I might just be a crazy codependent booze hound with a penchant for running marathons

I love to drink. I love sampling new kinds of beer and wine and I’m usually pretty good about doing it with at least a facade of moderation. I will drink a glass or two or wine a few evenings a week, a big hoppy double IPA on Friday or Saturday nights and the occasional Sunday breakfast Bloody Mary.

I think that my healthy habits outweigh the unhealthy ones. But drinking is just not something I’m willing to sacrifice in order to lose an extra pound or two (or regain custody of my kids – just kidding.)

I admit in my less healthier (read: college) days I didn’t appreciate the finer things. The alcohol I bought was strictly chosen to achieve maximum “value:” box of wine, 30 pack of beer, plastic handle bar of tequila. (GROSS!) Now, if I’m going to drink it, it better be good.

I’ve read that runners tend to drink more than “normal” people and I’m probably a prime example.

Everyone’s bodies naturally crave sugar – or more accurately, as as this article puts it, “the body wants simple, quick carbohydrates and we erroneously satisfy that craving with sugar…or booze.”

My sister’s theory is that runners crave it more than most people because their bodies are trying even harder to replenish those sugars burned by running. ie, the more you burn, the more you crave.

Or maybe it’s just me.



One thought on “or I might just be a crazy codependent booze hound with a penchant for running marathons

  1. When you find yourself in the mens bathroom with your head in the urinal…then it is time to give it up. I an tell you that I do drink more when i am running and not at all when I am not. I will stop on my home and pick up a bottle of wine or beer the evening after a run. I really never thought about it before, but it is a fact.

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