Eating my weight in cantaloupe

I’m currently lounging in front of a giant bowl of cantaloupe and a nice glass of Medoc bordeaux – dinner of champions!


I have to get through some paperwork tonight that I’ve been putting off for weeks but I wanted to bust out a quick blog first. (I am a master procrastinator!)

I had a fantastic 5-1/2 (maybe closer to 6) mile trail run in Eagle Creek Park after work today with some peeps who are much faster runners than I am! It was a great chance to really push myself. They estimated we were doing about 8:30 miles, which blew my mind. I didn’t think I was capable of running that fast!

I was a little hesitant because a lot of the trail was covered in leaves, making it hard to see if there were rocks or roots underneath. I’m just still really paranoid about spraining my ankle again, even though it feels strong and doesn’t hurt at all anymore.

The weather was great, the park was beautiful, and I had two fun and hilarious running companions to share it with. Couldn’t ask for a better day!


2 thoughts on “Eating my weight in cantaloupe

  1. I am afraid of trail running for that very reason. When I do go out I run about six feet behind someone and run almost in their footsteps.

    Nice job on the run…that is the advantage in running with groups…you can really push yourself just to stay with them.

  2. thanks for the encouragement! Yeah – I was behind these guys the whole time which helped me chose my footing and they were good about telling me when they saw rocks or roots sticking out.
    I need to make more of an effort to get together with my running friends – i enjoy the solitude of running alone but it’s also a great experience to share with friends.

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