Not feelin’ it…but I’m gonna do it anyway


I do not feel like working out today. I wanna cozy up on the couch and play with my cat and eat pasta.

The fun run I’m doing tomorrow is most likely going to be rained out. It’s supposed to start raining tomorrow in the early morning and not let up until Saturday. If tomorrow’s race was Serious Training I’d consider running in the rain, but it’s supposed to be FUN. And running in the rain is not fun.

I’d rather belly up with my running buddies at the nearest watering hole and watch all the chumps outside in the rain while I’m warm and toasty.

I finally finished that mound of paperwork that was weighing heavily on my desk and my conscience. If I can just get my ass to the gym I can lounge guilt-free all night long when I get back.


Ok, ok, ok, I’m going.


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