My cankular area is killing me

Yep, I just made up another word.

cank⋅u⋅lar kank-yuh-ler — adjective
1. of, pertaining to, or for the cankle: My cankular region is sore.
2. of the nature of a cankle: a cankular muscle.
3. performed or by the cankle.


It was hurting during my run last night so I iced it afterward. Still hurts. I have been running a lot this week – more than usual – so I’m thinking a day off is all I need, but any guidance would be appreciated!

2 thoughts on “My cankular area is killing me

  1. I have noticed a similar tightness after a rather large increase these last two weeks. I am sure my increase in mileage is the cause…I rested yesterday and just tried to carefully stretch it during the day. It feels better this morning.

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