Happy Halloween!

I’m having a very Autumny breakfast of oatmeal with pumpkin butter and apples!


I went to a Halloween party last night and wore the famed skull knee socks – the skulls actually left indentions on my legs! Weeeeird.


My calf is still a little sore this morning (skipped the Run Like Hell because it poured the whole time!). I was supposed to do a long run (8-9 miles) with a couple of buddies today but I think I’m going to hold off on it and go to the gym to let my calf rest one more day.

I can’t believe it’s Halloween and the weather is still incredible! Our little jalapeno plant is still hanging on for dear life. There’s actually four or five little ones still trying to grow on there. We haven’t had a freeze yet, but all our other vegetables kicked the bucket weeks ago! We’re so proud of this little guy…



Okay, off to the grocery store and the gym – some very exciting developments in the works for dinner tonight! Our Halloween tradition is handing out candy and watching scary movies. (“What’s your favorite scary movie?!”)

Every Halloween we watch the original Night of the Living Dead. I think if George Romero was a young female, my husband would have married him!



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