DST = Daylight Suck Time

My ultimate guide to half-marathon training calls for me to run three miles today. Hmmm. I think I can handle that – if I can get out there before sunset, that is. 😦

I’m so bummed about Daylight Saving Time though because it’s almost completely dark by the time I get out of work and I have no time to run. (Not to mention that the sun is now in my eyes during my morning drive.)

I am convinced that DST is like a throw pillow – it looks good on the surface, but it serves no purpose. All it does is make us feel weird for a few days twice a year.


They say it allows us to have more light during the day, but who cares if it’s light outside during the part of the day when everyone is stumbling into the shower anyway?

They say it is helpful for farmers, but don’t they get up at sunrise no matter what time it is? So why would they care?

I’ve also heard that it saves energy, but although we may be turning on the lights a little bit later in the morning, we’re also turning them on earlier in the evening.

And the whole excuse about it preventing crime? It just means people are going out on their crime sprees an hour earlier in the winter and staying out an hour later during the summer.

But let’s move on.

I had a fantastic breakfast of steel cut oats this morning, which always makes me happy. I made a big batch over the weekend and then just scooped out a little bit this morning, added some soy milk, almond butter and banana slices, and heated it up in the microwave. Oatmeal can save the world!


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