On Mission St. and Quinoa Ave.

Hidillyho bloggerinos!

I cleaned up on a chilly 3 mile run in the park today, and I’m now scarfing a bowl of quinoa and veggies with a Mission St. IPA.



For you hopheads, the Mission St. is a 6.8% ABV and I couldn’t find an IBU rating. Let’s say 65. Here’s what some beer snobs said about it:

  • “Underwhelming…”
  • “The body is of whole milk with a dash of spritz…”
  • “Pine needles and some grapefruit rind come into play…”


Bottom line: If you’re looking for something light and fluffy and you don’t want to get wasted after your workout, this beer is just fine. And it costs around a buck each at Trader Joe’s.

As for my quinoa concoction, I just went back for seconds. This stuff is so good!

I just sauteed some garlic, some red onion and an orange bell pepper in toasted sesame oil, then added some broccoli, a cup of quinoa, two cups of chick broth, splash of soy sauce and some ginger paste, covered and simmered it all until the liquid was absorbed (15-20 mins). Oh, and then I added some cashews.

I am going to have to remember my good friend quinoa more often.


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