Taking a powder

Um, okay. This is seriously the image that came up when I googled taking a powder:


Gee thanks, Google!

But I digress…

I decided not to work out tonight – I’m just going to be mind-numbingly boring and read a book in my jammies while sipping Earl Grey, listening to a little Swedish melodic death metal and munching on pumpkin seeds…okay, it won’t win me any blogging awards, but I sure won’t be bored!

I’m almost finished with this book, the Pillars of the Earth and it is driving me NUTS! It’s just one catastrophic nightmare after another. Just when things start to seem tranquil, something horrible happens again. And I tell you what, medieval people are not.so.bright.

Anyway, I know this is supposed to be a running/food journal but I’m not hungry and I’m not running so you’re just going to have to put up with some of the minutiae of my daily life.


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