Multicultural night

This is what happens when I run – I’m so famished I just take everything I have and throw it all together! It is usually good.

I think I had at least three cultures covered in tonight’s dinner: a Greek salad (kalamatas, roasted red peppers, green oak lettuce, mushrooms, parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette), baked tofu (rubbed in Asian sesame oil, ginger and rice wine vinegar) and topped off with Louisiana hot sauce (yes, Louisiana is a culture).


I washed it all down with a Goose Island Harvest Ale, which I am pictured enjoying below. (Please excuse my homelessy appearance – I just ran!)


Oh! And the coolest thing happened – this morning I was thinking about pearl onions. Seriously. I was contemplating the pearl onion.

I haven’t had them in ages, and I thought how nice they taste in a stir fry, when they’re all soft and bursting with juicy onion-ness. Then when I went to Trader Joe’s they actually had fresh pearl onions! Dude even said they just came in this week.

It is, like, my pearl onion destiny.


Okay, all seriousness, I had a great run tonight, came home, iced the ankle for a bit and then did a little work stuff while the tofu was baking.

Now, I’m getting ready to hop in bed and read and finish this beer!



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