I live for the carbo load

Thinking happy thoughts, thinking thoughts about my legs feeling good and my feet feeling good and my toenail not falling off tomorrow!

Listening to my theme song.

I made a faaantastic pre-race Mediterranean pasta (I added chicken) with a side of flatbread and hummus. (And a glass of Panilonco Carmenere – just a small one!)

My husband loved it too. I can tell when he really likes something I cook because he doesn’t just say, “Mhm, it’s good;” he says, “Oh my god, wow this is really $@#&% good!”

And then he has seconds.

I don’t know how my cooking tastes to others – its hard for me to be objective. I think all the mystery is lost when you cook it yourself. I sort of like everything I cook, so he is the true judge of whether something is good or not.


The hubby and I are watching the Biggest Loser – motivational mindless crap to watch before hopping in bed early! I’m leaving the house at about 6:45 tomorrow morning.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else I can do to prepare for the 13.1 that I haven’t done already – besides sleep and drink more water.

My goody bag had a protein shake in it. At first glance it looked like a delicious breakfast drink but it says you’re supposed to drink it after your work out…um, no thanks! I’ll rebuild my muscles with a mimosa and a belgian waffle!


I will try to slap out a quick update later on tomorrow –

Wish me luck!!



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