Naan na na

Breakfast of champions! Naan with hummus and a banana (I’m pronouncing it ba-naw-na).

Tomorrow is race day! Yes, I am excited about the Big Run, but I am also pumped about redeeming an hour-long sports massage that the hubby bought me as a birthday gift back in August. It’s gonna ROCK to come home after the race and get pampered!

I think I’m also going out to breakfast with some friends after the race. We always go somewhere awesome after we run. Living in the ‘burbs, I don’t get to eat downtown that often, so its always a treat when I do.

Today at lunchtime, I’m headed downtown with a couple of my running friends to pick up our shirts and race packets. The Expo/Packet Pickup is always a really great place to: a) browse a bunch of vendors with overpriced running gear; b) walk through a maze designed to force you to browse said running gear; and c) size up the competition.

The weather for tomorrow looks great: partly sunny, high of 65°F, which is almost unheard of in Indy this time of year.

Okay – gotta go hydrate! Have a great day.


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