I just got back from an hour-long deep tissue massage and I think I’m going to sleep for the next three days…

Man! That girl really worked me over. I know they have to really pound you to work out all the knots and stiffness, so I didn’t complain, but a couple of times I almost screamed! It was awesome.

The race went pretty well. The weather was perfect and the course was pretty cool – I actually saw some areas of Indy that I’ve never seen before.

I had a banana and sprouted grain toast with raw almond butter for breakfast:


And after the race, we went to my favorite restaurant for more breakfast – Taste!

I had the perfect meal: a big cup of their awwwesome coffee (a very marathonesque Kenyan brew!), a veggie quiche, some fresh fruit and a passion fruit champagne cocktail. It was so good I forgot to take pictures…and people probably would have thought I was nuts anyway…

Okay, now that I’ve covered the important things (massage, food) I can mention that teeny little race I ran:

I finished in about 2:29 – not as well as I wanted – I knew getting sick was going to throw me off. But I enjoyed myself and didn’t die, so I think I won today.

We ran through a lot of neighborhoods and all the people were so cool – they came out of their houses and cheered and played music for us. I remember feeling like there were a lot of really nice people around me. Everyone was easygoing and cheerful and I didn’t come across any of those jerk runners who think they’re better than everyone else (you know the kind!)

I stayed pretty close to the 10-minute pace guy for about the first 5 miles and then I lost him!

The marathon split off from the half marathon at about mile 7. I’m always paranoid I’m going to miss the turn and accidentally die run the whole marathon.

Toward the end, I still felt good but my feet were killing me. I did have a nice burst during the last mile or so but it was definitely time to be done.

And, I know I’ll think of some funny anecdotes from the race later on, but right now I’m too tired to think about anything!

And if I can stay awake long enough, this will be the pièce de résistancela fin du monde:


Peace! Love! Bliss! Goodnight!


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