All hail the green chile

We tried an awesome new recipe tonight that I found at – Bobby Flay’s grilled sweet potato tacos with ancho maple syrup glaze…deeeelightful.

It was very good, and very easy to make, but a couple of things annoyed me about it:

1. It didn’t say what kind of pan to bake it in (I ended up using a shallow metal baking pan); and
2. I had trouble keeping the dang tortillas shut (I finally got smart and tucked the flaps of one taco underneath the taco next to it.)

The dijon/maple/chili glaze was so good I actually ate a spoonful of it as I was glazing the tacos. Mmhm.


They also now have Hatch New Mexico green chile at Trader Joes!! (This is a Very Big Deal.) so I threw some of those on there too. Completes any dish. Even apple pie. Trust me.


And, its date night, so the cat and the husband are both patiently waiting on the couch for me to join them for a movie.



2 thoughts on “All hail the green chile

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