Just don’t know what to do with myself…

Yep! Now that the race is over, I’m back to being totally slothenly and worthless! Woo hoooo! (Is slothenly even a word?!)

The hubby and I watched football yesterday and scarfed a large pizza from Jacks (one of the best places in Indy!) I think I actually ate more than he did and enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t want this to become a habit, obviously, but I am going to enjoy myself and be lazy for at least another day before I start up again.

I think after a race (or any big goal) its important to not just stop at the goal, but to consider how you can improve on it in the future, and I would really like to work on improving my speed. I’m going to have to add some interval training and some hills to my workouts, and get more serious about my weight training.

I basically go to the gym one or two days a week, do some reps on my arms, legs and back as quickly as a I can before I scurry over to the bike or the elliptical to do my “real” workout. Its more fun for me to run, so I end up shirking the parts of the workout that I don’t enjoy as much. I’m sure this is common, but that’s no excuse.

Let’s take a look at the official results:

I finished 2123 overall out of 2945 runners and placed 198 in my age group. At the 10k split my time was 1:05:49, but I slowed down considerably during the second half of the race, finishing in 2:29:51 — an 11:25 pace. Many of the runners who finished around me had much slower times at the 10k split, but maintained their pace better than I did. I finished with people who did the 10k in 1:08 and 1:09. Of course this is just a generalization – not an absolute.

Imagine how swell it would have been if I could have maintained that pace throughout! I could have finished in 2:10 (which, not coincidentally, was my goal for this race.)

I know there are dozens of running clubs all over the city, and maybe it is something I need to consider. I have a few running friends who are faster than me — and rub it in every chance they get, so it would be awesome to have people to actually run WITH as opposed to BEHIND – and who aren’t constantly trying to show me up…although I think you’re going to find those people everywhere. Somehow it just goes with the territory.

Anyway, I may look into it. I know it would help to have some motivation this winter and some companions to work with toward a common goal. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing Chicago next year. Hubby’s family lives there and it’d be a great excuse to slip away for the weekend together and finally reach that pinnacle of my running career. (or something else not quite so cheesy!)

Have a great day –


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