Doin’ what I do

I had a chilly, windy 5 mile run in the dark tonight…grrr…DST. But what are ya gonna do? It’s dark before work, and now it’s dark after work too. Runners still have to run.

But right now makes it all worthwhile: just finished watching Part 2 of a great NOVA series on PBS – Becoming Human: the Birth of Humanity. According to this documentary, early humans learned social skills by doing just what I’m doing right now – sitting around a fire and waiting for food to cook! Can’t escape your roots!

Although I don’t think they were sipping Layer Cake…


…or adding too much celery to their homemade chicken soup…


It’s nice to know how far we’ve come.

I wasn’t planning on running tonight – it was dark and windy after work and I decided to just come home and do some exercises on the ol’ stability ball and call it a night…but halfway through, I caught the bug, and I just had to go running. (who else is thinking Forrest Gump right now?)

So, it was already dark, and it was cold and windy, but dang me if I didn’t have the best 5 miler of my life!

I can’t explain it, but sometimes everything just falls into place, the stars align, your legs feel longer, and your feet carry you like you’re weightless.

I am the apex of millions of years of evolution. So far, anyway. 😉


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