Isolated beer tasting incident

The Dreadnaught is back on tap at Patricks!


Those who know about the mighty Dreadnaught understand that this is a Very Big Deal.

Dreadnaught comes from the Three Floyd’s Brewery in Munster, Indiana and Patricks is lucky -and hip- enough to have it on tap…no other bar in Indy has it.

In addition to this rare treat, I also got to meet Hans, who let us sample a couple of beers from his own private stash:


Cherry Lambic – first sour beer I’ve ever had. It was…interesting. I have never been a fan of “flavory” beers, but this one was so unique to my taste buds that I actually enjoyed the fruitiness. A few sips was just enough though – not something I’d sit and drink all night…

Also sampled Péché Mortel, a very dark, frothy, coffee-like beer that made for a nice contrast to the mighty Dread – the opposites definitely attracted. Never big on porters/stouts but I really liked this one. Again – little sips; this is not a chugging beer. (But if a beer is chuggable, is it even worth drinking??)


Sorry for the crummy photos – the mood lighting combined with my crappy camera didn’t make for great pictures!

And now here’s a discussion topic for you: why are there fantastic inexpensive wines, but you still have to pay an arm and a leg for a good craft beer? Talk amongst yourselves…

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