Squash and a Snake Dog

Hey folks!

Getting ready to head to bed with a book and a cup of tea – you know you’re getting old when you actually look forward to spending a Saturday night at home!

My volunteer gig was canceled today – boo. I guess a bunch of people couldn’t make it. One of the pitfalls of volunteer work – they’re not always reliable!

Which is why I feel just a little bit guilty saying that I was slightly relieved to have the day back! I had some coffee and oatmeal with apples and pumpkin butter while I decided what to do with it:


I sat around for a while – just because I could! – before going to the gym and doing some cardio – I ran on the treadmill and then did about 30 minutes on the elliptical, then came home and did some crunches and some legs lifts with the stability ball.

Tried out a new recipe for dinner – spaghetti squash pasta:


Yeah, I know – that’s a HUGE portion! Sheesh, what was I thinking…

It was pretty easy to prepare except the squash took longer to boil than I anticipated – I think its just because I have an electric stove and they were gynormous squash (squashes?). The recipe said 20-30 minutes; it took me about 40.

Good thing I had one of these to distract me:


I might also recommend browning the tofu a little in the oil before throwing in all the other veggies. It was extra firm tofu but I still wanted it to feel more…done on the outside. But that might just be me.

We have a TON of spaghetti squash left over – we’ll be eating this stuff for weeks!


Tomorrow I think I’m running Eagle Creek with a friend, and knowing her it might be a psychotic 8 or 9 mile trail run! Not complaining – I need it. Ever since the race I’ve been eating enough food to feed an army, and that combined with this nice little holiday I’ve had from running has made me feel rather soft. Time to get back to the training…



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