when the lights came back on…

Hola campers!

The power was out for an hour or so tonight. Hubby called while I was driving home from work because he heard a crash, then the power went out and then the sirens. Apparently someone plowed into a transformer near our house and naturally he assumed it was me. (I only hit mailboxes, thank you very much!)

Here’s a few pics from our very short campout (probably you’d get a better idea if my flash weren’t so dang effective):

Whoops! That was supposed to be a photo of a 2007 Rheingau Pinot Noir I took in the dark. Yum! Wine is definitely better in the dark, by a hot fire!

For dinner we had leftover spaghetti squash pasta. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up some basil on the way home. It was a different store than I usually go to – and they had their basil in the COOLER. (Actually its called an air-curtain merchandiser; don’t ask me how I know that.)

Raaawr. So it was all limp and tasteless. I may have to write them a letter and tell them not to chill their basil!

Okay – now that the power is back on, we have some movies to watch!



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