Puffins, inspired by Puffins

So I can’t get the Kittens inspired by kittens girl out of my head today, hence the clever title.

“I want pie! I want beef jerky!”


Anyway, yes, I am having Puffins for breakfast with soy milk and bananas. And coffee. Don’t forget the coffee!

Got a busy day today – heading downtown at noon for a Dreamweaver class at IUPUI. It’s the third in a series I’ve been taking. (Actually its the fourth but I didn’t take the first class!) Its like boot camp – they cram as much information as is humanly possible into a four-hour class. It’s great. Plus, my employer is graciously paying for it so that I can become a more productive worker and build more web pages for them! (Thanks guys!)

Then….Hank III tonight!!

I am so pumped for this show. I was really torn on whether or not to go, it being a “school night,” hubby couldn’t/didn’t want to go and its a good 30-40 minute drive from my house (in the rain, looks like). But then I was like, “hell, what am I? 80 years old? Live a little!” I think of couple of my old buddies will be there too, so it should be a great time.

Okay – off to work! Have a great day…


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