I’m just a heavy metal hillbilly with crooked toes

I am so proud! Current search terms used to find my blog include crooked toes, drunk people and эстрагон, which is Russian for tarragon.

Things are really picking up!

In other me news, the concert last night was awwwwsome! Cowboy hats and Slayer t-shirts, long beards and leather jackets. It was psychobilly at its finest.

And, although I love rock ‘n’ roll, I’m not really a rock writer – my attention span is too short to go into detail about anything at all – but here are some of the highlights:

The openers were called Those Poor Bastards. The band is a couple of dudes – a drummer and singer/guitar player. I had never heard them before but I liked em a lot. They did a great cover of Hank III’s Pills I Took and a creepy dude in a skeleton costume came out on stage and danced for a bit. He had a mask on, but I’m pretty sure it was Hank III himself.

Hank did most of his awesome repertoire of songs, including Smoke and Wine, Country Heroes, and Not Everybody Likes Us, and a few of the all-time favorite country classics – The Ride (Coe), a turbo-speed version of Cocaine Blues (Cash) and I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive by Hank Senior (chills)! Everybody really went nuts during that one.

The last group, Assjack is another Hank III project, fronted by Gary Lindsay. They’re pretty much straight heavy metal. This was when of the moshing and crowd surfing really got out of hand and I stepped back away from the stage to enjoy it safely, haha. Not really – the pit was actually pretty tame.

They played at the Vogue, a venue I adore. (Hubby and I saw the Derek Trucks Band play there earlier this year.) There are tables and chairs if you want to sit, a balcony up above, and also a nice hardwood floor in front of the stage for the die-hards. And, they had my Bell’s Two Hearted! (Bottle though, not on tap.)

I love venues where you can actually see the performers. If I have to watch them on a jumbo-tron just to see what’s going on, I might as well be listening to them on the stereo at home.

Being just a few feet away from Hank III, the family resemblance was apparent:

I feel so lucky that I got to see Hank William’s grand-baby performing live! SO COOL. Okay, now that I’m getting all misty, I’ll move on.

Tonight I plan on punishing myself for my mid-week shenanigans by working out extra hard. Its chilly outside, but not windy. I’m thinking a good long run and 500 crunches should be the proper atonement.

Hm, maybe I need to rename the blog “the journal of a metalhead drinker with a running problem…”


One thought on “I’m just a heavy metal hillbilly with crooked toes

  1. Search terms used to find your blog is the first thing I look at and I too get overly excited when they are beyond unusual. But seriously, anyone writing about crooked toes probably has a blog worth reading. So keep it up!

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