I’m a double dog kind of girl

Happy Thursday!

I attended Beer Geek Thursday at Patrick’s tonight – something I recommend everyone in the Indy/Zionsville area do. My powers of persuasion (or maybe my charm and good looks – ha!) actually made Beer Geek Thursday an official event at Patrick’s Kitchen! I do a little blogging and social media for Patrick, along with a couple of friends, and after we had so much fun talking to Hans and learning about beer LAST week, we decided other people might like it too. This is what we do – drink beer and come up with great ideas. Can I please do this full time?!

The Flying Dog Double Dog is the bright red beer you see on your far left, and then you see a couple of beers that I got to taste – Young’s Double Chocolate Stout; and a Schlyfly Kolsch. Neither one made me jump off my stool and break into song, but they were good. To be honest, with the Double Dog in front of me, even the stout paled in comparison (A little beer humor, heh.)

The Double Dog was my reason for being at Patrick’s: 11.5% ABV & 85 IBUs. Double Pale Ale, dry hopped with an insane amount of Cascade and Columbus hops. Very, very good.

I also tried a Punk IPA

I wanted to love every last drop of it, being a punk rocker at heart and all, but – I couldn’t drink any more! I took a few sips and then shared it with some fellow geeks – because that’s what drinking is all about, right? The sips that I did have were great, but not wanting to get drunk and kill anyone, I knew I had to stop while I was ahead…and there’s always next Thursday!

And, I’m kind of turning into a music/drinking blogger this week instead of running/drinking, which tells me I need to get back on task! (Even though technically, music could also be cheaper than therapy!) I’m making my weekly Trader Joe’s trip today and then a nice long workout first thing in the morning, so you should have plenty of food/exercise content to read over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “I’m a double dog kind of girl

  1. Fun times and I hope someone picked up my tab – I left without paying! I’ll catch up with Patrick to make good today and leave a tip for our newest Beer Geek God, Hans! Next week, I think I’ll take over the Stone 10th Anniversary Big Bottle and we’ll get the whole place going. Oh wait, that’s Thanksgiving. Beer Geeks will have to wait another week. Your such a blogerunnerocker!

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