Super green me


Hoping this green mess will make me like Popeye today:

It looks GROSS but its actually really, really good! I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a frozen banana, handful of blueberries, couple of big handfuls of spinach and a big spoonful of Very Green from TJs. Its a supplement – bascially just a powdered green vegetable mix.

Also for breakfast is an apple with raw almond butter. The AB is also from TJs – I like it, and it costs a LOT less than the Maranatha raw almond butter, which is like NINE BUCKS. Forget that!

So far, so raw!

Anyway, gotta do some housework this morning and then hit the gym. We’re having new carpet put in on Monday and all of our belongings are going to have to go out the garage! Ick.

Have a great day –


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