naked in the garage

As I was getting dressed in the garage this morning, I was thinking to myself…Okay, wait. Maybe I should back it up a bit…

The carpet was installed with only minor incident – the installers chipped a very small piece of tile in the bathroom and didn’t tell us about it. What’s more, we couldn’t find the piece of tile to glue it back on and we don’t have any extras. Sigh.

Another complaint I have is that Lowe’s threatens to charge you if they have to move anything prior to installation. (They charge per square foot for the light stuff, and $25 per piece for the heavy stuff.) They did a great job installing the carpet, but I’ve since talked to several people who said they went with private installers and weren’t charged to move the furniture. (Although I’m sure they get you for it somehow.)

So, for three hours of actual carpet installation, we spent a day and a half moving stuff out and will spend another day and a half moving stuff back. All of our bookshelves, dressers and chairs are in the garage. Our couch and tv is in the kitchen and our nightstands are in the bathroom. The computer desk spent half a day in the foyer by the front door and the cat spent the night in the window.

Which brings me to the garage, in my socks, pawing through my dresser drawer for something to put on. And I’m thinking to myself, I would have GLADLY payed another $500 to not be getting dressed in my garage right now.


One thought on “naked in the garage

  1. It seems like a pain but you did the right thing moving the furniture yourself. It has been my experience, that carpet layers are not very careful movers. Since they are sub contractors they would only receive a small portion of what you would be charged. It is usually not enough to cover their labor.

    Because they would loose money before they even started, they would have had to rush your job to make wages.

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