Brugged out

I hereby call today the practice session for the Thankgiving feast.

Good thing I kept it light for breakfast: pear, kiwi, banana smoothie:

Then for lunch, banana/almond butter toast. But I went a little overboard and I couldn’t finish it.

This afternoon, I went with a friend to pick up race packets for the Drumstick Dash tomorrow – at a location that just happens to be across the street from the Brugge Brasserie – not a good place to go if you’re watching your figure, but a GREAT place to go if you like beer and pom frites, which I do, and by that time I was famished!

This is the Tripel de Ripple – a Brugge original. 9.85% ABV, according to Beer Advocate. It was very good! (To the left is Bad Kitty, Kate’s beer – a Liepziger Gose, according to my research. Not my style, but Kate liked it. She said the first sip was shocking, but then she got used to it.)

Also, if you’re wondering about the holes in the table, they are for the baskets of pom frites. If you order the sampler, it comes in a long cone and they stick it right in the table for ya – very convenient!

And this is the duck confit mitraillette, with dried cherry and lambic compote, spicy mustard and crispy fried leek…and a TON of pom frites, with horseradish sauce and garlic aioli sauce for dipping.

Ohhhh food coma!

And, I hate to be a broken record but we’re still putting the house back together, so I’m going to digest a little bit and then get back to work.

We’re doing our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday so all I’ve got going tomorrow is the race and house junk.

Everyone: have a happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving!


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