pink floyd therapy

A pretty appropriate song for post-thanksgiving binge: Pigs (three different ones).

We had our Thanksgiving dinner today, and it was pretty good. This, believe it or not, was my first crack at preparing a whole Thanksgiving dinner at my place, and my verdict is: I don’t have enough ovens for one meal.

A 10-burner range with two ovens would have helped, but we managed to pull it off, and, in my humble opinion, it tasted preeeeetty good.

But lets back up. I had a rough day yesterday, and I didn’t eat much of anything. The highlight was a bowl of Amy’s Miso Soup:

It was easy, and pretty dang good…then, this morning I started the day with a smoothie: blueberries, almond milk, banana:

And, I must apologize for not showing a glowing, angelic photo of our turkey, fresh from the oven, because I got distracted, and hubby got to carving it before I took a picture, but believe me, it was grand.

But here’s my real pride and joy: the stuffing, with artichoke hearts, celery and onions:

And the meal in its entirety: turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes…

The only thing I messed up was the little onion strings for the green bean casserole. I totally scorched ’em.

Luckily, I had an unearthly distraction:

Then tonight I spent some time with a good friend and we talked and laughed and now I’m closing out the evening with some Pink Floyd; this band has never let me down.


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