things you shouldn’t eat before running

Gah! I ruined a fantastic 7.5 mile run today by eating this before I went:

More leftover turkey and goat cheese on sprouted wheat bread.

We started out hard and did a six mile trail run at about a 9:30 or so pace. We were running the perimeter of Eagle Creek park so there wasn’t really anywhere to loop back – once we got out there, I was stuck.

I started feeling pukey at about mile six and got all heartburny and gaggy. I let the guys go on ahead of me – they continued on the trail and I cut back to the main road and took a shortish-cut back. It was only a mile and a half compared to another three miles of hard trails.

But I did reach another milestone in my running career today – first time I ever barfed from running.

I’m so proud!


4 thoughts on “things you shouldn’t eat before running

  1. That’s a big step! Congrats. You’re can officially label yourself a legit runner. Because nothing says legit quite like some vomit.

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