Food therapy


It took me an hour to get home tonight because both roads that lead up to the back of my house were closed, without even any advance notice. (Yesterday when I drove home, roads open. Today, roads closed; a sign that read This road closed on or after 11-30. Ya think?)

So I had to take the main trafficky road home that I hate and it took me an extra half hour because I hit every red light and nearly rear-ended some woman in a minivan because she was on the phone and didn’t go when the light turned green. Or rather, she went, but then inexplicably slammed on her brakes again. And as I was giving her the finger I plowed into a car full of memaws and then rolled into a ravine.

Okay, I made that last part up but it was almost that bad.

So I was psyching myself up to go to the gym -or run, or something– when it occurred to me that I had all sorts of leftovers in the fridge with maybe only a day or so of shelf life left before they would be no good. So instead of exercise therapy, I did food therapy.

I used the leftover turkey and sour cream to make my mama’s famous turkey enchiladas:

Key, is Hatch green chiles and HOT red enchilada sauce. Unfortunately, since I live in the Heartland, I had to settle for whatever bland sauce is available in grocery stores. (Although we do have some great Mexican grocery stores around here that have real food.)

Truth, the Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce is pretty good. Could be hotter. But good.

Where was I? Oh yeah, cooking…

To spice it up a bit, I added this little gem:

It’s local – a farm called Beasley in Danville. It’s our go-to farm for pumpkins, hot sauce, and every kind of jelly and butter that exists. Also great vegetables, cider and corn mazes.

Here’s the sour cream/salsa mixture with a dash of the good stuff:

And the finished product:

Naturally, after I threw that in the oven, I was all amped up, so I threw together a little vegan stir fry to kill some time. This will be a great desk-lunch tomorrow:

I did this better a while back, but this time I used garlic, scallions, edamame, pine nuts, quinoa, guindilla peppers, mint, basil, pineapple juice, veggie stock, lite soy sauce and toasted sesame oil…although jalapenos and red peppers would have been better, and cashews instead of pine nuts. I went with what I had – but don’t you think it needed something red in there for contrast??

And while I was cooking, I had one of these:

One GLASS, not one bottle… πŸ˜‰

And now, it is safe to say that I am calm, and collected, and delightfully stuffed.

When in doubt, create.


4 thoughts on “Food therapy

  1. I notice wine made in an appearance both times you partook in cooking up that vegan stirfry. Is that essential in the prep work?

    • Not mandatory, but I think you will find it adds a little something to the final product. Try variations – a crisp, white wine works just as good as a dry red. πŸ˜›

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