a deadly sin twofer

FYI – I am having the best lunch ever.

Leftover south asian stir-fry, with tandoori naan slathered in hummus, and a babybel lite cheese on the side.


Sorry I can’t show you a picture but I’m sitting at my desk and I forgot my camera today. Visualize it.

The only thing that would make it better is, as someone pointed out, the requisite glass of wine that I always seem to have with this dish. (Okay, its not a coincidence; I drink a lot of wine. If you can catch me, you can send me to rehab. GO.)

I love this dish because it makes me feel satisfied, but not full, like I have three pounds of lard resting atop my colon.

Today my faster-than-me running partner is taking me on a chilly winter run that I’m hoping will be long and hard enough to properly atone and shed the last two days of SLOTH and GLUTTONY (Gleefully: sluttony.)

What can I say? I fell into a funk that I now need to paw my way out of. If I miss more than a day of exercise I feel like its only a matter of time before I turn into that fat guy from the movie Seven. Yeah, I have issues. Fortunately, I don’t believe anyone in the afterlife is going to punish me for them; on the other hand, my thighs are punishment enough.

The fact that it was pouring rain and gusting 30 mph winds last night is no excuse.

Truth is, I love running when its cold. It seems to numb all those aches and pains I associate with heat and humidity. When its hot, I can feel every bone in my body; when its cold I feel like I can push it just a little more because it probably won’t hurt until later…which is kind of my philosophy on life, come to think of it.

So, that said, I hope you’re all freezing your butt cheeks off today and it encourages you to lift your face out of that spaghetti bowl and step outside for a nice, long run.



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