I told you I was freakay

Is there a show on the Food Network where somebody just takes all their leftover crap out of the fridge and makes something fabulous out of it? Because if not, I’m your girl.

After being out of town all weekend (you noticed I was out of town because I didn’t blog and you felt all empty inside, right?), we came home to a whiny cat, a mound of dirty laundry and a fridge full of leftovers. I really didn’t want to cook or do anything but sprawl on the couch and watch Flight of the Conchords. (Houston, we have a blog title), so this is what I threw together out of necessity but also out of sheer laziness:

I heated up some leftover stuffing and added some lentils; then made turkey sandwiches with what I’m calling a spinach/artichoke puree, and goat cheese. And, of course no meal would be complete without a hot pepper on the side.

Turns out I’m very good at leftovers, so I’ve got that going for me.


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