nut butter, not bombs

Today it snowed one inch and everyone in Indiana promptly forgot how to drive.

I sat in my car for three hours draining a pint of coffee while every jerk on the road conspired to kill my dreams of getting to work before my bladder exploded. (Spoiler alert: I made it, but just barely.)

In everyone in Indiana’s defense, there was a very slick layer of ice on the roads of BFE where I live and “In This Economy,” it appears the type of budget cuts we’re making are the ones that involve salt and plows.

The good news: by the time I finally emerged from my car, it was time for lunch.

A wrap, filled with more spinach-artichoke-turkey-goat cheese.

Then for dinner I came home and made a vegan monostrosity: tempeh with peanut sauce.

Here’s the recipe, but I made some variations — instead of the peanut butter I used TJ’s sunflower seed butter and subbed toasted sesame oil for the veg. oil; and I added broccoli because I’m awesome.

My husband said the sauce looked like diarrhea, but he shut up after the first bite.

It was sooo good. All the frustration of today just melted right off me and I drifted away on a blissful river of peanut sauce. I think the sunflower seed butter is the magical ingredient. I am convinced if everyone on earth could have a daily glob of nut butter, war and violence would cease to exist and everyone would just smile and hold hands all the time.

What do you say – can we give it a try? Somebody get me the president…


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