heading bathward

Gah, cold! I swear, this happens every year.

I’m about to take a cup of Earl Grey and a book to soak in a hot tub in the hopes of possibly regaining the use of my extremities.

Okay, psych…I so didn’t run outside tonight. I went to the gym because it was pouring rain and barely above freezing, and I didn’t have a hat. (Yeah, any excuse would do at that point.)

I did juice up before I left:

Beet, two kiwis, half a pomegranate, carrot and celery. Alas, it could have used an apple.

In other developments, I broke the bank on wine and produce today at TJs:

That’s all I bought! If anyone wants to get me something for Christmas, how ’bout some self control? Kay thanks.

And now about that bath…


4 thoughts on “heading bathward

  1. It’s quite a task to break the bank on alcohol at TJ’s. But you seemed to make significant steps in proving my theory incorrect. Congrats.

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