jingle barf

YAY! A 5K – a Christmas one! At 8:15 in the morning! With bells!

I’m contemplating another glass of wine just to make it that much more unbearable to wake up in the morning. Can you get frostbite on your face when its 25°F outside?

Aside from being a “fair weather runner,” short races are just generally anticlimactic for me. I mean, yeah, I do like to get up early on Saturdays just to torture myself, so there’s that…but I’m nowhere near fast enough to do anything significant in 3.2 miles, which means just as I’m getting warmed up, the race is over…ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

But let’s talk about food. Because unlike running 5ks, when you’re done eating food, you know it.

Breakfast: multigrain waffle with sunflower seed butter and half a banana.

This little gem might soon surpass oatmeal as my breakfast of choice. It gets points for flavor as well as mobility. (Because try to eat a bowl of oatmeal in your car on the way to work.)

And its just enough before a run to fill you up but not make you barf, which is useful if you don’t like barfing (Or, if you’re a masochist, eat two of them).

Okay, bedtime – ta-ta!

Oh, P.S. I registered a domain! Check it out – for $14.97, I shuffled myself loose the .wordpress coil. (No offense, WordPress.)

So now that I’m legit, the paychecks should just start rolling in, right?


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